Property Types



 Offices within & outside Central Business District (CBD)

Grade A Offices in Central Business District

  • Most prized and sought-after office spaces
  • High-quality furnishings, state-of-the-art facilities, and excellent accessibility
  • Within the financial district

Grade B Offices within & outside Central Business District

  • Below Grade A offices, typically in terms of design, location, layout, facilities and maintenance
  • Rents are often cheaper and supply is more readily available
  • Usually maintained and finished to a good or fair standard, with adequate facilities.

Grade C Offices

  • Functional spaces for tenants looking for lower rents


Business Parks

  • High-tech business and commercial venues
  • Offers a highly-conducive environment for knowledge-based businesses
  • Natural choice for high-technology businesses, data and software enterprises, research and development divisions of multinational companies and knowledge-intensive enterprises.
  • Cluster of modern business buildings catering to knowledge-based activities
  • Some of the companies located in Business Parks included Acer Computer
  • A beautifully-landscaped environment


Science Parks

  • The most sought after  & definitive address for Sciences and R&D in Asia
  • Home to more than 350 MNCs, local companies and national institutions
  • Asia’s home for R & D


Logistics Hubs

  • Often located in strategic location, either close to the Singapore airports or the ports of  Singapore or Jurong ports.
  • Excellent infrastructures, facilities for those in logistics industry.


Industrial Properties / Parks

  • B1 factories / warehouses for light & clean industries uses
  • B2 factories / warehouses for light & clean industries uses; & General industrial uses
  • Food factories / warehouses for food production / storage
  • Chemical factories / warehouses for toxic & dangerous / flammable chemical uses

Novena Specialist Ctr

Medical Centres / Suites

  • Ideal for medical practitioners
  • Homes to numerous reputable medical institutions
  • Purpose-built medical suites with modern facilities


Commercial Schools

  • Pre-schools
  • Private schools, institutions & universities, etc.
  • Tuition centres


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